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May 10, 2024

Brent Bailey, EPL VP of Operations

Singing the Praises of Energy Efficiency from a New Perch

Hello friends!  I am so glad to be communicating with you once again after being out of pocket for a few months.  But I have since found a new place of business to professionally call home and I can continue to write about some of my favorite topics, opine about current issues, and inform readers of ways they can save money and energy.

The switch to daylight savings time is in the rearview mirror, and long summer days and rising temperatures are ahead.  Our air conditioning units will soon be working overtime to keep our indoor spaces cool and the humidity manageable.  But you can begin taking steps now to protect your home or business budgets from feeling the pain of high energy bills.

Homeowners can take steps to save money by making energy-efficient and weatherization upgrades – such as adding insulation, caulking windows, using LED lighting, getting an HVAC tune-up, installing a heat pump and so much more. Simply put, energy efficiency means using less energy to get the same job done – and in the process, cutting energy bills, reducing waste and improving comfort.

The same goes for businesses, municipalities and institutions, both large and small.  Replacing old and inefficient lighting, equipment and systems with energy efficient technologies will put you on the path to lower energy costs.  In many cases, the installation of new energy efficient technologies will have an immediate impact on operating costs and will pay for themselves in less than two years!  The savings continue to accrue for years!

Want some other good news?  Did you know that all the investor-owned electric and natural gas utilities in the state offer customer-funded financial and/or technical assistance programs to help you reduce your energy consumption and save on your utility bill?  Yep, those utilities provide a range of rebates, incentives, direct installs and other services to residential, commercial and industrial customers.

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