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Newsletter – Vol. 1

June 20, 2024

Brent Bailey, EPL VP of Operations

June 2024

Welcome to the first edition of the Efficient Power & Light newsletter. The team here at EPL is ready to assist you with your energy efficiency investments, commercial and industrial electrical needs, and clean energy information and strategies. Since 2018, EPL has been helping businesses and homeowners uncover their path to affordable energy efficiency. As we continue to grow our range of services and expertise, please reach out and let us help you meet your goals.

Views From the Other Side

Brent Bailey, EPL VP of Operation invites you to check out this month’s blog:

Singing the Praises of Energy Efficiency from a New Perch

Hello friends! I am so glad to be communicating with you once again after being out of pocket for a few months. But I have since found a new place of business to professionally call home and I can continue to write about some of my favorite topics, opine about current issues, and inform readers of ways they can save money and energy. The switch to daylight savings time is in the rearview mirror and long summer days and rising temperatures are ahead. Our air conditioning units are already working overtime to keep our indoor spaces cool and the humidity manageable. But it is never too late to begin taking steps to protect your home or business budgets from feeling the pain of high energy bills.

EPL News

EPL Bringing Modern Illumination to Local Libraries

Over the past month, the team at Efficient Power & Light have worked to upgrade the interior and exterior lighting at the Medgar Evers Library located in northwest Jackson, MS and the G. Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library in Flowood, MS. The new lighting will not only improve the security and safety of the buildings and enhance indoor lighting quality, but the new lighting technology will deliver immediate energy and bill savings. I invite you to go by each location and see for yourself how modern lighting enhances the reading and research experience!

Medgar Evers Branch Library in Jackson, MS.

G. Chastaine Flynt Memorial Library in Flowood, MS

EPL Now a PPN Member of TVA EnergyRight®

The Preferred Partners Network (PPN) is an exclusive network of approved commercial and industrial trade allies. PPN members are considered industry experts and the go-to source for helping customers in the Tennessee Valley Authority service area. We find the best energy solutions for business or industrial customers.

Customers in the TVA service area who are exploring solutions to help their business become more energy efficient and sustainable may be eligible for TVA EnergyRight program incentives. As a PPN member, EPL has exclusive access to apply for these incentives on your behalf. Let us help you identify &complete your future energy efficiency projects.

EML Agricultural Energy Solutions Emergency Motor Replacement

Entergy Mississippi is now offering a high efficiency motor replacement program that provides incentives to agricultural businesses that are installing energy-efficient equipment. Learn more about the Agricultural Energy Solutions program at 844-523-9979 or visit

Contact EPL for Your Energy Efficiency and Technology Questions

We’re here to provide prompt, professional answers to your energy efficiency questions. We can help you identify the ways to maximize your energy efficiency investments with today’s technologies. Contact us at 601-360-8720 or and let us help your business reduce the amount of electricity and other energy sources needed to operate while also making your workspace healthier, safer and more comfortable. Call today!

Mississippi News

MPSC Suspends Distributed Generation Incentives and Solar for Schools

In April, the Mississippi Public Service Commission unexpectedly voted 2-1 to suspend key parts of the Mississippi Distributed Generation Rule (MS Net Energy Metering) that would have enhanced consumer choice and market competition for low-income households as well as educational and cost-saving opportunities for our public schools. With the suspension of the Solar for Schools Rate Schedules, Low-to-Moderate Income Energy Independence Incentive Program, and Residential Demand Response Battery Storage Incentive Program, the interests of monopoly corporations are once again put ahead of the interests of some of the most heavily energy-burdened households in the nation. These programs were originally approved in the Final Order in Docket 2021-AD-19 issued in October 2022 after years of study, review, and input from nearly two dozen intervenors.

Hope Enterprise Corp. is Awarded ‘Solar for All’ Funding

Through the ‘Solar for All’ program created by the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency awarded Hope Enterprise Corporation (Hope) nearly $63 million to create savings for households, create workforce opportunities for Mississippians, and create energy resilience for communities. Hope’s program proposes to advance solar access at single-family homes, multifamily buildings, and community scale in low-income and disadvantaged communities. Mississippians should also benefit from at least two multistate awards. Through a combination of clean energy technologies and energy efficiency upgrades, participating customers should reduce their energy costs by 20%.

Entergy and NextEra Energy Resources to Develop Solar-Storage Projects

Entergy and NextEra Energy Resources are collaborating to build up to 4,500 MW of solar and energy storage projects in Entergy’s service area, which includes parts of Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas. The agreement will last through 2029. No announcements have been made about specific project locations or timelines. NextEra is currently developing 1,700 MW of solar in the region. The projects will help meet rising energy demands, increase capacity and bolster grid resiliency.

Entergy Mississippi to Retire Gerald Andrus Power Plant

In 1975, Gerald Andrus Steam Electric Station began operating in Greenville, providing Mississippians with another safe, reliable and economical source of electricity well into the 21st century. Gerald Andrus was the first plant designed to use primarily fuel oil and included additional investments to maintain clean air standards and conserve natural resources. Recently, an Entergy Mississippi spokesperson indicated that the company plans to retire the Gerald Andrus plant in 2028. Plans for the site are still evolving with more information to be announced in the near future.

Hurricane Preparedness Week

With the regularity of strong storms moving across central Mississippi this spring, Mississippians may not be focused on the hurricane season that began on June 1. But Mississippians are urged to begin taking steps to prepare for what forecasters area saying could be a very active Atlantic hurricane season. May 5-11 was Hurricane Preparedness Week in Mississippi. Every family should have a fully stocked disaster supply kit capable of sustaining their family for at least 3 days after a hurricane. If a generator will be utilized as part of your hurricane recovery plan, be sure to follow all recommendations for safe placement and operation of the equipment.

A normal hurricane season, based on the 30-year average, in the Atlantic basin would consist of 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, and 3 major hurricanes. Numerous agencies and institutions have run forecast probabilities, and none have called for a normal or below-normal upcoming hurricane season. Researchers at Colorado State University predict 23 named storms will form over the Atlantic Ocean, and five could become major hurricanes. North Carolina State University predicts 15-20 named storms, with 10-12 growing into hurricanes. NOAA is forecasting 17 to 25 total named storms, including 4 to 7 major hurricanes. Meanwhile, the University of Pennsylvania predicts 33 named storms for 2024! Could be an interesting year…

Regional and National News

EPA Adopts New Pollution Rules for Coal and Natural Gas Power Plants

Recently, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized four rules that aimed to reduce pollution from fossil-fueled power plants, requiring existing coal and new natural gas plants to limit emissions beginning in 2032. Facilities that cannot comply must cease operations by 2039. Meeting the EPA emission reduction standards will likely require the use of carbon capture and sequestration technologies. Emissions from existing natural gas-fired power plants were exempted from this rule but are expected to be the target of future rulemaking. Twenty-five states, including Mississippi, have filed a federal lawsuit against the EPA that seeks to overturn the rule.

Georgia Power’s Vogtle Unit 4 Enters Commercial Service

On April 29, the second new nuclear unit at Plant Vogtle entered commercial service. With the 1,114-megawatt (MW) Unit 4 nuclear power reactor at Plant Vogtle near Waynesboro, Georgia entering service, Plant Vogtle’s four nuclear reactors make it the largest electricity generator in the United States. The completion of Vogtle Unit 4 marks the end of an 11 year saga and final budget that was more than double ($35 billion) the original estimated project cost ($14 billion). The average Georgia Power residential customer will see a monthly bill increase of $14.38. The new units are expected to generate electricity for the next 60-80 years. Last year, I got the opportunity to tour Plant Vogtle. I am pictured above with other tour members in front of the Unit 4 reactor and cooling tower.

FERC Adopts New Transmission Planning Rule

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) on a 2-1 vote issued a long-awaited transmission planning and cost allocation reform rule at a special open meeting on May 13. The new rule requires transmission planners to consider multiple forward-looking factors when they develop their plans. Transmission operators must also consider seven economic and reliability benefits when considering possible transmission projects. The new rule further emphasizes the state’s role in determining how transmission projects are paid for and by whom. Order 1920 will take effect 60 days after publication in the Federal Register.

NERC 2024 Summer Reliability Report: Risks of Electricity Supply Shortfalls

Parts of the U.S., including the MISO area, could be at risk for electricity supply shortages if electricity demand peaks are higher than anticipated or if less electricity is generated than expected, according to NERC’s 2024 Summer Reliability Assessment. Under normal summer demand conditions, NERC expects the continental United States to have adequate power resources this year. Electricity demand increases as temperatures rise and homes and businesses use more air conditioning. The current heat dome from Texas to Maine will be the first major test for the grid.

EPL is on the MOVE!

Over the past few weeks, EPL representatives have been crisscrossing the state and beyond to share the benefits of energy efficiency and clean energy, host and facilitate stakeholder sessions, and promote our work as a premier commercial electrical contractor. Last week, we were back in Biloxi for the Mississippi Association of Supervisors Annual Convention, participating in the Exhibitor Hall. Look for us at future events, and let us know how we can help you enhance your facility’s electrical needs.

EPL promoted its water and wastewater facilities electrical services at the MS Rural Water Association Annual Meeting.

Whether it is talking to local and state leaders, connecting with your employees at a health and safety event, or talking with students about professions in the energy field, EPL is ready to engage with you to help you achieve your goals! Call us at 601-360-8720!

EPL representatives attended the Mississippi Housing Expo to share energy efficiency tips, products and services and share the health and economic benefits of utility energy efficiency programs.

EPL helped to judge the Mississippi Envirothon competition hosted by the MS Soil and Water Conservation Commission and sponsored by the MS Dept. of Environmental Quality.

In cooperation with EDP Renewables, EPL hosted representatives of the MS Public Service Commission for a tour of the Pearl River Solar Park and the Ragsdale Solar Facility.

EPL organized a series of meetings in Arkansas to discuss the opportunities and challenges of electric transmission expansion. Stakeholders included utility regulators, state agencies, transmission operators, agriculture, economic development, environmental, energy and more.

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