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We can help you navigate public policy, economic development, and consumer demand changes that define today’s energy markets.

About EPL Advisors

At EPL Advisors, our mission is to empower residential, commercial, industrial, and governmental customers with timely information and cutting-edge solutions to efficiently achieve their objectives in the evolving clean energy economy.

Aligning private sector investments with public sector policies demands confident asset management strategies to thrive in an increasingly complex sustainable energy sector. With extensive experience at the local, state, and regional levels, EPL Advisors is dedicated to addressing your needs thoroughly, efficiently, and resourcefully.

Scope of Services

Advisory Proficiency

Whether you are new to the clean energy sector or a seasoned participant, EPL Advisors is equipped to guide your business, organization, or agency through the challenges and realities of today’s markets while identifying future opportunities. As technological advancements, private sector investments, and community acceptance evolve, EPL Advisors will be your steadfast partner in navigating these changes.

Stakeholder Outreach and Facilitation

In a world where information flows from all directions, distinguishing fact from fiction can be challenging. EPL Advisors serves as a reliable arbiter of information and perspectives, delivering data-driven insights that enable stakeholders to better understand projects, programs, policies, or technologies. This facilitates well-informed decisions to achieve mutual goals.

Issue Management

EPL Advisors is committed to helping you identify, analyze, and resolve issues impacting your operations, projects, or programs. We conduct comprehensive reviews of relevant information, establish a detailed record, recommend solutions, and develop implementation strategies. Through effective communication, we bridge the gap between expectations and action.

Local, State, and Regional Regulatory Guidance

With national policies influencing state-level goals and consumer demands, both public and private sectors are seeking ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while cutting costs and maintaining reliable operations. EPL Advisors assists in identifying resources and mechanisms to support the implementation of products or services that reduce or offset your entity’s carbon footprint.

Cross-Sector Coordination

Supply chains continue to face challenges from legacy COVID policies, inflationary concerns, workforce constraints, transportation issues, geopolitics, and more. With the reshoring of clean technology manufacturing and incentives for domestic production of advanced energy products, EPL Advisors is committed to connecting local businesses and service providers with national designers, developers, and operators of large-scale energy systems, fostering opportunities for local innovators and manufacturers.

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